2015 Escalade lighting


The Cadillac brand exudes luxury and has a long history of producing vehicles that define what luxury is. Recently Martin Davis (the design master at General Motors specializing in vertical lights) was asked about his inspiration for the lighting in the 2015 Escalade. His inspiration came from the legendary Cadillac vehicles of our past, and an architectural marvel the Hearst Tower in N.Y.

The defining component of all Cadillac lighting is the vertical exterior lamps the thin strips of light that historically added definition to the fins which gave Cadillac a unique style that will never be forgotten. Cadillac’s history with its vertical lighting allows all Cadillacs to be instantly recognizable as a vehicle of the highest luxury and unmatched performance.

When searching for inspiration to create a new headlight that would encompass the legacy of Cadillac’s vertical lighting the team turned to non-automotive inspiration. They found the Hearst Tower in N.Y. this visually stunning building offers clean design, vertical orientation and an interplay of glass and metal. The strong relationship between the glass and metal is clearly visible in the 2015 Escalade lighting, with stunning chrome providing an essential fixed element, similarly to how the metal supports the glass for the iconic building.

With edge-lit blade technology the new vertical design offers an amazing illusion of the individual lights floating in space. Each of the five rectangular parabolas in the headlamp appear to float within the lamp and are separated by metal accents. Together, they give the lens the look of fine-cut crystal.

All new Cadillac vehicles feature LEDs because they enable the design to be distinctive in appearance both for day and night driving while providing unsurpassed safety allowing you to find new roads. It is easy to notice a Cadillac Escalade on the road before even recognizing the sheet-metal because of the bright, white lighting.

There is an unambiguous design element to the lighting of the 2015 Escalade and it is undoubtedly Cadillac.