Cadillac OnStar App

Cadillac OnStar App

Enjoy More OnStar Features with the App

OnStar® is integrated into your Cadillac user experience. It performs most of the same functions as the OnStar hard buttons, including calling an advisor. You can use it to change the name and password for your available hotspot. It also shows you a snapshot of your OnStar services, including their expiration dates. OnStar requires a paid plan.

What You’ll Learn

We will show you how the OnStar App supplements the OnStar hard buttons. You will learn how to use your vehicle’s built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi® Hotspot (data plan required). We will tell you how you can make hands-free calls using OnStar. And you will learn how OnStar can help you navigate to your destination.


How it Works

Getting Started
Touch the ONSTAR icon on the home screen (or navigate there using your Rotary Controller on your centre console, if equipped) to open the app.
• The app opens to the “Services” tab.
• The other tabs on this screen let you launch specific OnStar services.
• If you have the available embedded Navigation system, any available turn-by-turn directions you request through Turn-by-Turn Directions (TBT)6 are saved along with your other saved destinations.
• If your plan doesn’t support one of the OnStar services, you’ll see a pop-up window explaining the limitation.
• Choose the Account tab to see a summary of your services and package status.
• Choose the Wi-Fi tab if you want to change the name of your Wi-Fi Hotspot and password.

Using the built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot
• Touch “Wi-Fi Hotspot” within the OnStar App. Or, you may select the WI-FI HOTSPOT icon on the home screen or you may select vehicle Hotspot from settings under the system tab.
• Follow on-screen instructions to change the name of your hotspot and password.
• Tap “Share Hotspot Data” to let your passengers use your hotspot data. You can also turn this option off.

Using Hands-Free Calling (HFC)
• To make a call:
• First, make sure that Hands-Free Calling is set for making outgoing calls.
To do this:
• Tap the HFC button in the app.
• Agree to make Hands-Free Calling the default for outgoing calls.
• Select “Agree.”
• To make a call using the voice recognition button on the steering wheel, press the button and say the number or contact you want to call.
• To make a call using the app:
• Tap the HFC button in the app.
• Use the keypad, or select the “Favourites,” “Recent” or “Contacts” tab.
• To receive a call:
• You’ll hear a ring and see the OnStar Green System Status light flashing.
• Press the PUSH-TO-TALK button on the steering wheel to answer.
• Push the PHONE CALL END button to end the call.
• To save a number:
• Tap the HFC app.
• Select the “Contacts” tab.
• Choose “Add a Contact.”
• Enter the name and phone number.
• Tap “Save Contact.”
• To find your vehicle’s phone number:
• Tap the OnStar app.
• Choose the “Accounts” tab
• Scroll down to the HFC portion and locate “My Number.”

Using Turn-by-Turn Directions

• To get directions:
• To get directions using the OnStar app:
• Tap the OnStar app.
• Select “Turn-by-Turn.”
• Choose from a menu of “Recents” or “Favourites,” or choose “Take Me Home” or “Connect to Advisor.”
• To get directions by pushing the blue ONSTAR button:
• Push the blue ONSTAR button and tell the advisor where you want to go.
• Your advisor will send detailed directions to the vehicle.
• These automated voice-guided directions take you to your destination with “turn tones,” providing street names and distances to each turn along the way.
• The system even alerts you if you miss a turn and gives you a revised route to the destination.