Caledon Ski Club Day Out in the Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade Caledon ski club (3)

A day trip to the Caledon Ski Club in the Cadillac Escalade

Whether it is six more weeks of winter or an early spring we still have a little winter left, and what a better way to enjoy it than hitting the slopes! When embarking on a winter wonderland journey you need a few vital things: warm clothing, some travel companions & a sweet ride. I needed a vehicle that could fit all of my family’s gear, plus of course my family! When I picked up the Cadillac Escalade from NewRoads I had the last piece of the puzzle for my skiing adventure.We packed up the Escalade with four of everything, skis, poles, boots & headed to Caledon Ski Club. Caledon is about 30 minutes out of York Region and home to Forks of the Credit Road, a well known road for its sharp turns and beautiful soundings and a place I have visited before with NewRoads! In the winter this place is a whole new ball game, there is something about a blanket of snow that makes everything more beautiful. Our drive up was stunning, and seriously comfortable due to the Escalades lux interior!

Once we got to the Ski Club unpacking out the back of the Escalade was so easy, and with a push of a button the trunk closed. Even in a packed parking lot and this very large truck parking is made easy with my favourite feature of the 21st century – the back up camera, honestly this feature continues to be my game changer. So, with the car unpacked and parked, the only thing left to do was hit the hills! It was amazing to be back on the snow again. I grew up skiing every weekend and I loved every minute of it (minus the early mornings). So being able to get back to that was the best feeling.

When it was time to head home, we packed up the truck and turned up the heated seats and the heated steering wheel. As I mentioned before Caledon is known for its winding roads so you might find yourself worried about a large truck like an Escalade taking those curves, but honestly it was a breeze and this is coming from someone who is used to a small sedan. PS – did I mention the step that pops out when you open the door, Cadillac leaves no details out. I hope you enjoy the last bit of winter!