Cadillac Inspired to Dare Greatly



Prepare to be inspired as Cadillac launches their new campaign, Dare Greatly. Featuring artist, designers, innovators and visionaries Cadillac’s latest campaign is pushing the boundaries in all things automotive. It all started with the infamous words of Theodore Roosevelt from The Man in the Arena “It is not the critic who counts.”. Cadillac is back, disturbing the status quo and ruffling the feathers by aiming to be the best, not the biggest. This bold new journey is the path to reinvention and innovation.

By celebrating the daring and the passionate minds that have the vision to reshape any industry, the way of life and the future, Cadillac is going beyond the automotive industry and creative a lifestyle that embraces change and evolution. Can’t wait to see what they throw at us next!

“At Cadillac, we dare greatly. Because we believe that only those who dare, drive the world forward.” Johan De Nysschen, President of Cadillac Global