Lease Returns in Newmarket

Good Things Don't Have to End

Before the end of your lease with GM Financial, we want to thank you for your business. We hope your driving experience with your General Motors vehicle was an enjoyable one.

Our step-by-step guide will help you through the lease-end process. Looking to continue your GM driving experience? There are many new and exciting GM vehicles available to choose from. You might even be eligible for incentives towards the lease or purchase of a new GM vehicle.

GM Leasing

Option 1: Return your GM vehicle and purchase or Lease a new GM vehicle

Looking for something different or unsure what your next GM vehicle should be? Visit NewRoads GM and we can review the best options available for you.

  1. Book an appointment at NewRoads by filling the form below.
  2. Choose your next GM vehicle and we’ll review your finance options for you.
  3. Bring your leased vehicle back or build your new lease or purchase to include your current vehicle as a trade-in.

Option 2: Purchase your vehicle

Our professional lease-end specialist will reach out to you to discuss your lease-end options, such as the requirements to transfer ownership to your name and also any financing options you require.

  1. Complete the form on this page
  2. Our dedicated specialist will reach out to you to discuss your finance options.
GM Leasing

Option 3: Return your GM Vehicle

You can return your GM leased vehicle here at NewRoads. Don’t forget to bring your owner’s manual, an extra set of keys and any accessories that came with your vehicle.

  1. Prior to returning your lease to us, contact GM Financial to schedule your pre-return inspection within 90 days of lease end to determine if it's excess or if it's normal wear covered under your lease agreement by calling 1-800-668-9777
  2. Book an appointment to return your vehicle at NewRoads GM.
  3. Consider purchasing or leasing another GM vehicle.

You’re one step closer to the end of your GM Lease. Please complete the quick form below and our leasing professionals will be in touch to help with your lease return.

GM Lease Return Inquiry Form

**Vin # can be found on your Lease Contract, Insurance Pink Slip or Ownership.
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GM End Of Lease FAQ

You can return your leased GM vehicle right here at NewRoads. If you've moved out of our area and need to locate a dealership, you can also contact GM Financial at 1-800-668-9777.

Once you turn in your leased vehicle, the security deposit included in your lease agreement will be returned to you within 60 days (minus any remaining amounts owed).

Common charges like excess wear-and-tear, outstanding payments, kilometre overage, fees, taxes and/or citations, can be expected on your last invoice.

Start by giving NewRoads a call at 905-898-2277. We’ll be able to provide you with the purchase option price. You can also contact GM Financial at 1-800-668-9777. Please have your account number or vehicle identification number ready, so they can easily assist you.

Yes, you can return your vehicle early. However, the remaining amounts under your lease agreement are still your responsibility.

If you enjoyed driving your leased vehicle, buying it out might be the way to go. You’ll end the leasing cycle and skip another car search. As the only owner, you will also benefit from knowing exactly how well the car was maintained. Just remember that any payments you have made so far will not be applied towards the purchase of your vehicle.  

You can expect a vehicle inspection towards the end of your lease. There may be extra charges, should your vehicle experience excessive wear-and-tear or an overage of kilometres.

However, if you plan to buy out your car or begin a new lease, you can negotiate to have any extra fees waived with the dealership.

Every car lease has a termination date on the contract. Before the end date, you have options to buy it, lease a new one, or return it. At NewRoads, we can determine if you have gone over the allocated mileage or have damage beyond normal wear-and-tear, and bill you if necessary. Should you choose to lease or buy another vehicle, you can request to have extra costs waived for your brand loyalty.

No, you're not required to return your leased car to the same dealership. However, if you are not buying a car from them, some dealerships have been known to turn away leases. At NewRoads however, we’ll be happy to assist you with your expiring lease.