Our NewRoads Values

The fundamental beliefs that guide our behaviour in our organization.

We believe in being…

NewRoads Values

Straight Up

…we provide customers and co-workers with clarity, confidence, and fairness throughout all interactions

• Do what we say witch-workers, customers, suppliers, and community representatives.
• Ensure concerns are reviewed and addressed in a fair, yet reasonable manner.
• Provide clear presentations and fair advertising to customers.
• Encourage ongoing feedback from our customers and each other.
• Listen patiently and attentively for understanding before acting.


…we encourage fun, mutual respect, and accountability in the workplace
• Treat others as you wish to be treated.
• Demand and acknowledge good work in all circumstances.
• Lead and support fun initiatives on an ongoing basis.
• Inspire and encourage through a positive attitude.
• Maintain a safe work environment.

Community Focused

…we are active in supporting our community
• Plan and commit to maintain leadership in our community involvement.
• Encourage participation in NewRoads community events.
• Support and acknowledge the NewRoads “community citizens.”
• Continuously cultivate community relationships.


…we know our customers and they know us as neighbours
• Create a welcoming environment for our guests.
• Always acknowledge a customer’s presence and offer assistance.
• Maintain an appropriate business appearance.
• Be positive NewRoads ambassadors in our various communities.


…we examine the practices of our industry – always learning and seeking out new roads.
• Strive to be industry leaders in everything we do.
• Continuously educate and coach new skills and knowledge.
• Encourage and acknowledge innovative ideas and processes.