Vehicle Inspection

Lease Vehicle Inspections


Prior to turning in your leased vehicle, you will need to complete a complimentary vehicle inspection, which will be performed by our GM Financial authorized inspection company. The inspection company will contact you to schedule an appointment for your inspection, which can take place at your home, work or at your originating Cadillac dealership.


GM Financial requires all leased vehicles be returned to a Cadillac dealership. So when it’s time to return your vehicle, return it to where it was leased.

By scheduling an inspection at NewRoads Cadillac here in Newmarket, we can suggest helpful repairs to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. We can also help you determine what repairs may be covered under the vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.

There, you will be provided a Vehicle Return Receipt for your records. This receipt provides written documentation that the vehicle was returned and confirms that the dealership turned in the vehicle so that your account can be closed. You may receive a final invoice within 60 days of returning your lease vehicle.

If you have relocated a significant distance from the dealership where you leased your vehicle, or if you would like to return your vehicle to us at NewRoads Cadillac - call 1 855-511-2287.


Here are a few helpful hints to prepare your vehicle for inspection:

  • clean your vehicle inside and out

Make sure all equipment is present, including:

  • all keys and key fobs
  • owner’s manual
  • navigation discs (if applicable)
  • third-row seats (if applicable)
  • other accessories included in the lease package
  • original manufacturer wheels at the time of lease

Don’t forget your personal belongings, such as:

  • parking passes
  • sunglasses
  • garage door openers
  • after-market wheels